Vehicle Wraps

Beyond auto tinting, Tints Unlimited also does vehicle wraps. Billboards that sit atop buildings or on the side of highways can be an effective form of advertising, but only reach people in that single location. By creating an auto wrap for a car, van, or truck, you can expand your visibility to more customers for a fraction of the cost.

An auto wrap is essentially a moving billboard (or fun design) that puts your message directly in front of potential customers. Whether your wrapped vehicle is stuck in traffic or traveling from state to state, your logo and contact information are seen by a different audience every day.

  1. Complete wrap – Covers the entire surface of the vehicle. Transparent film (or “window perfs”) is used on glass
  2. Half wrap – Covers half the sides of the vehicle and extends around the back. May also include a hood logo
  3. Window graphics only – Wraps only the windows using window perfs

Vehicle Wraps by Tints UnnlimitedAuto manufacturers are releasing new models in ever increasing bold-style colors. Take “colors” a step farther and “wrap” your car in a full-body design that appeals to your sense of fun and attitudes. Create a “Please Recycle” or “Love & Peace” theme. The Smart Car to the right is simply a Pink Pearl, that some I’m sure someone has a lot of fun with! You’ve probably got an idea in mind RIGHT NOW!

  • Vehicle Wraps draw a good deal of attention (who needs that when you are in business)!
  • A Vehicle Wrap cost much less than newspaper, radio or tv ads.
  • Your vehicle becomes a “conversation starter”, stands out from the crowd, with people always asking questions about your product or service when attending events or busy venues
  • You can easily put your vehicle in the exact location that his target demographic frequents. Brand recognition – who can’t benefit from that?
  • Every where you drive, potential customers have the opportunity to spot a service they can use, jot down a number or domain.
  • Your vehicle wrap may just make your yellow page ad obsolete.
  • Your competition doesn’t want you sliding down the road, boldly looking colorful and advertising in a fashion that becomes a familiar in the area.

Call Tints Unlimited at (312) 480-7141 with questions, and ask for pricing information before you lose that idea!