Expert Window Tinting in the Western Suburbs of Chicago

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(YES, window tinting of vehicles is legal in Illinois. Read more here.)

Imagine getting in your car to go out to dinner on a hot summer day. Though the windows have been closed and the vehicle has been in the sun all afternoon, the car is surprisingly comfortable when you get in. The seats don’t burn your legs, and the steering wheel doesn’t hurt to the touch.

Your car doesn’t feel like an oven inside because you invested in a quality window tint at Tints Unlimited in Elmhurst.

Car Window Tinting is Our Specialty

When it comes to getting your ride tinted, you need a perfectionist (our clients’ word, not ours) who sweats the details. That’s what you get at Tints Unlimited, the most experienced window tinting shop in the western suburbs of Chicago.

It doesn’t matter what make your model (or year!) you’re tinting. Window tinting your new Ford F150? We have you covered? Need your 1986 Camaro tinted? We’ve got that covered, too. 1959 Cadillac: We’ll do it.

And you won’t see any bubbles, period.

Why do our customers say we’re worth the drive to Elmhurst?

We treat your car like our own, from prep to delivery.

– We custom cut the tints based on your car manufacturer’s specifications. Whether you’re tinting a new BMW or an old Ford LTD, Tints Unlimited has the technology to trim the tints so you never see a gap or bubble. We have access to all major car manufacturers, including Chevy, Ford, GMC, Honda, Toyota, Maza, Nissan, BMW, Lexus, Mercedez Benz, and more.

– We use high-quality tinted film. You do not have to settle for the cheap stuff at the car parts store down the street.

– We prep like a detail shop. Windows are cleaned like an operating room so that not even a speck of dust gets in the way of the smooth finish you’re looking for.

– We take our time. No job is rushed because time letting the tint set up is the difference between a long-lasting tint that you can be proud of and a job that was a waste of your time (and ours).

With this careful treatment, your car’s tint will give you years of privacy and protection from the sun (and look cool at the same time).

Use Window Film in Your Home and Your Business

Residential and commercial tinting is becoming more and more popular in Chicagoland. Tinting homes, offices, warehouses, and factories gives cost-saving benefits, as well as unsurpassed comfort.

This is true because we use SunTek Architectural Films. These films are state-of-the-art — they let in a comfortable amount of natural light (without the sunrise/sunset glare) while reflecting heat. These tints give homes and businesses a rich, finished look while saving on energy bills.

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Fast Quote

FREE CAR WASH with every car window tinting!

Tints Unlimited is committed to your complete satisfaction. Tony is an experienced, highly-trained professional technician and provides a Full, Written, Lifetime Warranty on both product and craftsmanship. Ask him what it takes to do a great tinting job on your car, retail storefront, office or residential windows. Our reviews on Yelp, Google, and other testimonials are a testament to the quality of our work. Contact us at 312-480-7141 for a friendly, immediate, no-pressure quote. Don’t forget to ask about our written LIFETIME warranty covering both labor and materials.

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