Decorative Window Film

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Many people consider window film is a necessity; after all, it protects the color of expensive furniture and carpet, provides energy savings, and can provide safety by preventing shattering if a window breaks. However, few actually know how to use window film as a decorating feature, and the concept is beyond their imagination.

Tints Unlimited is proud to offer LLumar window film, the top quality in the industry. LLumar's diverse product lines offer a variety of aesthetically-pleasing results and outstanding performance features. LLumar decorative film puts multiple colors and patterns at your disposal. Combine any, or all, to splash on virtually any color. Achieve any hue, diffuse, focus, or block light completely.

This long-lasting window film can be wiped clean with conventional glass cleaner.

There are many benefits to using decorative window film:

  • Resists shattering
  • Tints Unlimited is proud to offer LLumar window film, the top quality in the industry.Stain your glass the easy way
    Stained glass is an expensive and complex decorating option, and once installed, you're stuck with your choice even if your taste changes. Decorative window film offers the look of stained glass without the expense, hassle, and lifelong commitment.

    Most people are surprised to learn how many gorgeous patterns of stained glass films there are to choose from. It really is possible to give your home a custom look.

    Sliding glass door awareness
    Sliding glass doors, if they are kept clean, are an accident waiting to happen - people walk into them, and birds fly into them. Alert stickers are an unsightly, undesirable solution. But decorative window film can transform a plain glass into a work of art.

    Make daytime sleep better
    If you have ever worked the graveyard shift, you know how difficult it can be to sleep during the day. Why tack blankets over the windows, when an attractive, affordable option exists?

    Instant curb appeal
    Nothing makes a front door more inviting than the look of beautiful etched glass. From numbers to elaborate floral patterns, you're sure to find a window film pattern to supercharge your home's curb appeal.

    Frost your windows
    Frosted window film is an elegant decorative option and also can hide undesirable views. With different designs and levels of opacity to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect solution.

    Protect your privacy without spoiling your style
    There are several options for privacy window film that blocks the view of others into your house. Whether your style is casual, formal, traditional or contemporary, you will find privacy window film fits your style. Privacy window film is ideal for bathrooms, closets or other rooms where you want daylight, but not the prying eyes of strangers.