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Tints Unlimited - Tinted WindowsTestimonials and reviews from our customers are part of why we are still doing what we do. See what our customers have to say about Tony and Tints Unlimited.

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2018 Testimonials

Aldair M. (Elgin) – May 12, 2018

Better prices than competitors. Very professional place. I got my 2011 Camaro done and it looks great !

Ken V. (Chicago) – February 16, 2018

2013 Honda Accord had all Windows tinted. Excellent job, good craftsmanship, good low prices.

Chris T (Chicago) – January 7, 2018

After reading all of the positive reviews, I decided to go with Tony. He wasn’t the lowest bidder, nor the highest, but he was fair and a no-nonsense straight shooter – always a huge plus in my book.

It was actually his 43+ years in the window tint business that really struck a chord with me and my decision to move forward. In a world whereby everything is becoming computerized and automated, Tony still considers window tinting as an art. He is extremely skilled and watching him practice his craft was a cool experience to say the least.

After seeing the results on my C300, I am another satisfied customer and will gladly recommend Tints Unlimited to anyine looking to add a sylish and equally functional element to their own vehicle. Thanks again, Tony!

Meghan J (Madison, WI) – January 3, 2018

Tony is great! I called on a Thursday afternoon and he got me a quote over the phone right away and booked an appointment for the upcoming Saturday morning. He only took under two hours, as promised. My car looks awesome! I would definitely recommend going here for any of your window tinting!

2017 Testimonials

Mike L. (Batavia) – October 10, 2017

Tony killed it on my new car. It was black on black already and he really made it all come together. Watching his process you can see his skills and expertise from the moment he gets to work.

In addition having a master of his craft work on my car I got plenty of laughs as well, I’ll definitely be bringing any future cars to him!

2016 Testimonials

Richard A — Jan 1, 2016

This was a good decision. Tony is a true craftsman and perfectionist. I recommend him highly.

2015 Testimonials

Eric A — Nov 24, 2015
Tony is by far the best at what he does.  This is my 2nd car he has tinted and does an awesome job.  On my last car, one of the windows tint seemed to be peeling so I called him and he was more than happy to help and fix it.  Went to his shop in Elmhurst and an hour later it was done.  Thanks Tony!  If you’re looking for a master tinter…TONY is the guy! I would highly recommend and go back whenever I need tint.

Kevin J — Nov 6, 2015
This one man tinting operation is nothing but great. I’ve had 6 cars within the family tinted with Tony and not one problem or regret. Tony and his 40yrs experience make him the best at what he does. Highly recommend you tint with Tony T.

Younis A — May 15, 2015
Tony did an amazing job! I called early and he got me in on the same day. If you’re weird about your car like I am then no worries, he lets you stand in the garage and watch as he works on your baby. Good talker too, lots of stories. Now on to the tinting job, superb! He walks you through what he will do and gives you all the details. 2 lifetime warranties are included, one from his shop and another from manufacturer. Great guy and awesome job on my car!

C B — Mar 28, 2015
Tints unlimited is well worth the drive whether you are coming from the city or suburbs. Tony is truly a master at his craft. He’s upfront, honest, and his work is guaranteed for life!  Plus he’s fun to be around. He doesn’t just sit you in his waiting room and call you when your car is done he lets you sit there and watch him work so you know exactly the quality craftsmanship that you are getting. That’s a written manufacture warrantee from himself and the window tinting company. Most window tinting companies are from carwashes and car detailing companies that do not give you a guarantee besides verbal and we all know this day and age that doesn’t mean shit. Tony himself is nothing but an HONEST hardworking small business owner. His shop is clean and by that I mean spotlessly clean.  he is always on time for his appointments and his work is unparalleled to anything I’ve ever seen. Being from the heart of Chicago myself I decided to make the 40 minute drive out to see Tony and it was well worth it. Click to read the full review on Yelp

2014 Testimonials

Beto S — Nov 22, 2014
My review will probably be no different than what most have already written about this one man operation and machine known as Tony. I was in the market to have my 550i GT tinted and didn’t want just any shop doing the work as I’ve had hit and several misses with other tint shops in previous cars I’ve owned. However, after speaking to Tony and with his 40+ years of professional experience I knew he was the man to do the job. To say he is a Master of his craft is an insult, he is more of a mad man and scientist of tints. Click to read the full review on Yelp

John K – Nov 15, 2014
I’d not only read numerous positive comments on Yelp but had run into a few others who personally recommended Tony’s work. I called to inquire about the price (very reasonable) and scheduled the appointment for the following weekend. Tony called that morning to confirm our appointment and was ready for me the moment we arrived. We went shopping and came back 2 hours later to a sharp flawless looking tint job. I have to say it looks better than I ever thought it would. Everything went smoothly and without a hitch. A lifetime warranty backs up Tony’s work. Very personable and pleasant guy too. I sure wish more business owners were like him! Keep in mind it can be a little tricky to locate the shop (between the Dunkin Donuts and Wendy’s restaurant) if you’re not from the area. Tony- thanks again for the awesome job. One happy and satisfied customer

Jesse E — Aug 30, 2014
After hours searching for a place to tint my new 2015 outback. I finally decided to try this place. The work wasn’t bad, it was awesome!  Tony is a master at his craft, I don’t think there’s anyone that can match his experience and price. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone to tint your car.

Lulu R — Jul 8, 2014
Oh wow!  I went here with my fiance and soon to be father in law to get his car tinted and Tony did a great job.  Tony was very easy to talk to and a true master of his craft.  My father-in-law’s 2009 Hyundai Elantra tinted and what a huge difference it made.  If you’re on the fence about where to get your car tinted, look no further, Tony is your man!  Also there are several places to eat right near by in walking distance and Tony himself has a big screen color tv and two reclining lounge chairs.  The place was clean, Tony was great company, the prices were very reasonable, and I’m very happy with the result.

2012 Testimonials

David C— Sep 14, 2012
Tony is the Rembrandt of window tinting. He literally just finished putting 18% on my Mini Cooper S, and seriously, it’s impeccable. He is truly a master at tinting, and he’s got a great personality too! Click to read full review on Yelp!

Sean L — Jun 16, 2012
Tony has done two of my rides. Always great job, nice guy. Very reasonable price. I have another one coming this Wednesday. Click to read full review on Yelp!

Octavio V — May 31, 2012
Tony is a true professional when it comes to tinting cars. He was able to schedule me for tints with a couple days notice despite his busy schedule. He is a perfectionist and does not finish a job unless he and the customer are satisfied with the work Click to read full review on Yelp!

Ron H— Jan 16, 2012
Tony is a master of his craft. Based on the recommendations of other reviews, I decided to have him take the illegal tint from the previous owner of my BMW off, and put on tint that follows the state laws. Click to read full review on Yelp!

2011 Testimonials

Syed A— Oct 18, 2011
Tony did an amazing job on my Acura. Every car I’ve ever owned has been tinted, and I took a gamble bringing my new car to him. I’m glad I did. He did an excellent job. Click to read full review on Yelp!

Ron — Mar 25, 2011
This guy Tony is the man! HE did my 2010 Saab 9-3 and it turned out beautiful. Great person, great enviornment,fast, clean, and everything he promised he did. Great Job Tony. This is a must-go-to guy.

SixSigmaGuy — Mar 18, 2011
Tony does some great work! I just had my silver 2007 Accord tinted by Tony and I’m very happy with the results. I would use Tony’s service again anytime and recommend him to anyone looking to tint their windows. I’m really happy I decided to call Tony.

Andy — Feb 27, 2011
Tony T is the only one I’d recommend for tinting. Working at a car dealership, I’ve seen tint installed on many cars. Seeing their work, I was hesitant to have it done to my own car. Tony T came in on a Friday night to do two cars for a buddy of his, and I knew I’d found my guy. He came back next Friday for my Impala. He has since done my brother’s STS and is about to do his Camaro SS.

Tito — Feb 24, 2011
There is a reason Tony has a 5 star rating for a very good reason. The guy is a perfectionist when it comes to tinting. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my next car tints. Like all the other reviewers have mentioned, he will keep you entertained if you stay behind and watch him work. I got my 2010 TL done by him.

RPMD — Feb 20, 2011
I have a 2010 Civic Si and I took it to Tony because of all the rave reviews. I took my car in and he did a fantastic job. The guy is sociable and has a great life story, which kept me entertained while he worked. He takes his work very seriously and the tint job was amazing. Highly recommend him to anyone wanting to get a tint.

Dave — Jan 26, 2011
I called several places before I decided to go with Tints Unlimited. Tony did an amazing job on my 2006 Hyundai Sonata. Not only did he take the time to make sure everything was perfect, he was very personable and professional. He was meticulous and thorough in all his proceedings. His price was fair and cheaper than everyone else I called. I enthusiastically recommend for your next tint job! Do not hesitate to go with Tony, he will not dissapoint. Plus he is a great guy to be around.

Ben — Jan 7, 2011
Tony is a true professional and you will be hard-pressed to find anyone in the area who has his amount of experience and knowledge. He is honest, a perfectionist, and very competitively priced. He provides a lifetime warranty on both the window film and the installation. The whole process took about two hours and it was nice to see the dedication of Tony at his craft. Plus, he will make you laugh as this former boxer has some good stories. Its always nice to give your business to an honest local guy. 2010 Nissan Maxima with 35% tint all around. Tony gave me honest guidance in choosing the right percentage tint to use and he was exactly right. It looks great. Give Tony a call, you wont regret it. Proceed with confidence! Ben

2010 Testimonials

Tad — Oct 27, 2010
Great guy to work with, at home service! Tony did a wonderful job on my 2010 Jetta TDI Sportwagon. The windows in this vehicle are extremely difficult to tint due to the interior body panel design but Tony stuck it out and made it work after making multiple attempts on some of the windows. There was no extra charge to get the job done! There are some VERY minor imperfections due to dust (dirty garage space and gusty winds are at fault I beleive) but overall the car looks amazing with the new tint. 35% all the way around! Looking good!

Chris S — Oct 5, 2010
Excellent service, nice guy + Great price (at least $100 less than my other quotes) + Tony has been in the tinting business for over 30 years. + He works with major Chicagoland dealerships as their preferred contractor. + If you are meticulous about your car’s appearance, Tony is the guy to go to. He not only treats your car with utmost respect but also is happy to address any of your concerns. + Two lifetime warranties + He offers a free mobile service if you have a garage. If not, he has a garage he works out of. + If you wait around while he works, he makes sure it’s an entertaining experience.

Tara — Sep 30, 2010
SKIN CANCER AND PROTECTIVE WINDOW FILM — Having had melanoma skin cancer some years ago, I am required to take extra precautions when I am out-of-doors. I wear sunscreen, of course,year ’round, but even so when I am driving my car I have always been concerned that I’m getting too much sun especially on my left arm. Recently I became aware of a product called LLumar UV Shield window film. When applied to automobile windows it screens out 99.9% of UVB and UVA rays, it’s practically invisible, and is recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation. I inquired to find out where I could have this applied to all of my car windows and was directed to “Tints Unlimited” (312 480 7141). I watched the process as Anthony Terracciano applied these UV shield sheets to the inside surfaces of all six windows in my car. It was like watching an artist technician at work and I was very surprised at how reasonable the cost was to cover all windows. It’s amazing how much better I feel driving in my car when I know that I am completely protected from both UVB skin-burning rays and UVA deep-penetrating rays. For anyone concerned about too much exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, and especially to those who drive with young children in the car, since childhood overexposure to the sun is strongly linked to the development of skin cancer later in life, I would recommend that you call “Tints Unlimited” for more information on the subject. I could not have been more satisfied with the work they did for me.

Christopher — Sep 30, 2010
GO HERE!!! THIS GUY IS GREAT! Tony is simply the Tint Master! He is amazing at what he does and that is a fact. He tinted my 05 BMW m3 and it came out perfect. It also cost less than most of the other guys out there. If you want to be happy with your window tints, YOU NEED to go here!

Andris — Sep 29, 2010
Stop looking further – This is it! Quality and Price have found each other!!! If you are tired riding around in your fishtank call Tony, he will answer your call anytime anywhere. I had perfect experience today when i brought my white CLS500 AMG for some tanning 😉 I called Tony 11am and 3pm I was driving shiny. Does not get better than that. BTW I read these reviews and now I find myself writing one. Isn’t that odd? Thanks Tony – Andris!

Sep 19, 2010
THE VERY BEST IN WINDOW TINTING AND THERE IS NO COMPARISON — I just had my wife’s 2006 Honda Civic EX Sedan tinted all the way around including the visor in the front. Tony is the best that I have ever seen when it comes to tinting windows not to mention he takes care of your car. If you live in Chicago or any suburb near Chicago you would be absolutely foolish to take your car anywhere instead of him. I have had my previous cars tinted elsewhere and there is no matching Tony’s work. You will have a hard time finding any person that tints windows in the rear that can do it all in one piece. Most places will cut it in two or three places. With Tony he is has been doing it for so long that he knows the trick of the trade and does an excellent job.

sd123 — Sep 7, 2010
Tony is legit! Tony did my 2010 car 20% all around and I love it! The quality is perfect. Tony is very experienced, professional, and an absolute pleasure to be around. shared some great stories and laughs together. He gave me 2 life-time warranties and couldn’t of asked for better service or price. -Sean

SlackinTim — Aug 19, 2010
Corvette, Charger, BMW – brilliant! — Tony did 35% tint on my Corvette, my Dad’s Charger, and one of his colleague’s BMW 3-series. All the cars came out perfect. I really admire the attention to detail and time spent on the Corvette, specifically, given the trouble it presents even the best tinters in the biz (and Tony, this means you!) He would NOT give in nor settle for “good enough” — I really appreciate that! Very, very pleased with the work and will definitely refer friends to Tony for their tinting needs. Thanks again!

James — Aug 18, 2010
Infiniti G35x — Tony tinted the windows and windshield all the way around at 35% and it looks awesome!!! I love my car and now with the tints, I love it even more!Thanks Tony! James

Aug 17, 2010
Infiniti M35x — Tony tinted my car with 5% limo in the rear and back. He did an outstanding job in less than 2 hours and he charged a very reasonable price. I would highly recommend him. Thanks Tony.

Aug 10, 2010
My 500 Mercedes! — Tony tinted my Mercedes 500 35% all around and now the car looks stunning! Excellent job which was done in a two hour time frame. During which he entertained me with his witty sense of humor. I would happily recommend him to do any tinting job. Nice work Tony. Thanks. Dennis Barry

Aug 10, 2010
Simply the Best! I was sooooo pleased with Tony’s tinting!! He tinted my Ford Mercury Grand Marquis and now it looks great. He is very knowledgeable and was very patient with all the questions I asked. His 35 years of experience really shows. Thank you for a terrific job!!! I will tell all my friends about Tony. Maria

Mike — Aug 2, 2010
Great Job! I had Tony come out and tint my car. He did an excellent job and love the way it looks. I stood around and talked with him while he tinted my car and had a great conversation with him. I would highly recommend Tony to anyone that is looking at having their vehicle tinted. A+ Thanks Tony.

Jonathan — Aug 1, 2010
2010 Ford Fusion — Awesome Job – Ive had three cars tinted in the past all done by different “professionals” (one of them being a zebart dealer which was a big mistake) and I have to say that Tony did by far the best job out of any of them. Tony tinted my fusion all the way around and it looks great, not one complaint. Not only did the car come out perfect, but he entertains you while you wait. My future cars will definitely be going to Tony, and I would highly recommend him to everyone.

daniel — Jul 25, 2010
Metalic Acura RSX — 35% All Around Great Job on the tint. Looks awesome, since its 35% no tickets either. Heard a few jokes from him, while waiting and watching him work. It was a hott day, like 102F but Tony did a awesome job. If I need a another car tinted I would go back for sure. Thanks.

Done — Jul 19, 2010
Absoultely Amazing — I just had Tony work on my 2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse with a 35% tint all around. Although the bubble window is a hassle, he completed the job in 2 hours flawlessly. Before I left, Tony did a thorough inspection of the work at least 3 times. He was finding the smallest bubbles no one could see and it was evident this man believes in perfection. The man has been in business for 35 years and has done thousands of cars so you can’t go wrong with him. Not to mention, you can’t beat the two lifetime warranties. The best in the business. I appreciate it Tony! — Maulin

Billy — Jul 10, 2010
Simply the best!! Tony did an outstanding job on my 2007 Mazdaspeed 3. You just can’t beat the craftsmanship with anyone else. Not only did he do an amazing job, I also had a great time chatting with him while he worked his magic on my car. He really takes the time to make sure every detail is right, and gave me 2 lifetime warranties! One warranty on the tint and one on his work. If you need any kind of window tinting done, Tony is the man!

Jul 8, 2010
Total Professional — This guy is THE BEST. If you’re wondering where to get your windows tinted do not even hesitate to CALL TONY! He has been in the business for so long and is very knowledgeable professional. Thanks for the job well done!

Mar 10, 2010
Excellent Job! I called Tony at Tints Unlimited to inquire about having the windows on my 2010 Acura TL tinted. He thoroughly explained the process to me, including the Lifetime Warranty from the manufacturer. He quoted a very reasonable price, and considering the fact that he’s been in the business for 35 years, I decided to go for it! He came to my home and did the work in my garage. I observed as he worked and I was very impressed with his impeccable detail, especially with the prep work, throughout the application of the tint, and finally the clean up. He’s professional and knows his business! So much in fact that I also had my dad’s 2006 Lexus ES330 done the same afternoon. The cars look fantastic and the tint serves it purpose! I DEFINITELY WOULD RECOMMEND TONY!!!

Ronnie to good friends — Feb 23, 2010
Great Window Tinting, Paint Guard, and Service — I have a 1968 “bath-tub” Porsche, and it’s in mint condition. I wanted to give it a hi-tech look, and brought it to Tony at Tints Unlimited. He did my windows and tail lights (the car is Black so looks extra sharp!), and had the paint protection applied to keep road pitting off my black beauty. Tony is a real artist, and the car looks great. Prices were fair and Tony’s customer service is best I’ve found. Answered my questions, gave me lots of detailed information, and is a fun guy to work with. I’m really happy. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Michael.

Nick — Jan 4, 2010
Awesome Price & Service — Tony at Tints Unlimited did a wonderful job tinting the windows on my 2009 SUV. His price was outstanding and he came to my house to do the job! AWESOME SERVICE!!!

yaominh — Dec 2, 2010
Tints look freaking amazing on my car! Tony did a perfect job on it. Price is good and. Great service and great guy. He will come to you if you can’t come to him, only if you have a garage. He treated my car great. Cleans up after his work so it looked like he didn’t touch it at all. I will always go back to this guy for my car tints. I recommend him to everyone and anyone who wants to get their car tinted.